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    Once you’ve started your conference call you can perform the following actions:

    • Participant List: by clicking on the Participant List button you can view all participants that are on the active call

    Here, on the  Participant List page, you can add new participant by clicking on the Add New Participant button and selecting a new participant to join this call. You can also mute and remove any participant on the call with you. To do this click on the Mute or buttons against each participant. To redial a participant and invite them into the call just click on the Redial button against the participant.

    • Add Participant: while you are on a live call you can add new participants to join you. To do this click on the Add Participant button and in the appeared window select the contact you want to dial and check the circle button next to their phone number. Click on Done button.

    • Mute Call: you can put the call on mute at any time by clicking on the Mute Call button.

    • Leave Call/Rejoin Call: if you need to leave a live call you can do so by clicking on the Leave Call button and then confirming.

    You can also rejoin a call you’ve left by clicking on the Rejoin Call button and then confirming.

    • Hang up call: if you need to hang up the call for everyone you can do so by clicking on the End button and then confirming.

    • Remove participant from the call: while you are on the call with other participants you can remove any of them by clicking on the  Remove participant icon against each participant and confirming. The participant will be immediately hang up.

    Web audio: while you are on a live call you can use web browser to connect to the call. To do this you have to click on the Web audio button.

    Once it is done, you will be connected to the call:

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