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    If you’re looking to install Brring Live Dialer using Javascript see our guide here.

    To install Brring Live Dialer on your WorldPress site:

    1. Login to your WordPress account and under the  Manage section select Plugins. Click on Add New and in the search field type Brring

    2. Select the Brring WordPress plugin and click on Install Now. Once done, click on the  Activate button.

    3. Once it is activated, go to Plugins – Installed Plugins, find Brring Live Dialer and click on Settings 

    4. Go to your Brring Dashboard. Navigate to Account and then to Live Dialer: If Dialer hasn’t been configured yet configure it as per the steps here. Once done copy your JavaScript code snippet and paste it in the Brring plugin Settings page on your WordPress site. Enable the plugin and click on Save Changes. Once done, you will see Brring Live Dialer on your website

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