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    If you’re looking to install Brring Live Dialer on WordPress see our guide here.

    To install Brring Live Dialer on your website you can use our JavaScript snippet. To get your personal snippet go to your Brring Dashboard. Navigate to Account and then to Live Dialer:

    On the Live Dialer page you can configure Brring Live Dialer and get your custom JavaScript snippet.

    Be sure to set the following key options:

    • The phone number you wish to receive Live Dialer callbacks on.
    • Your office hours and timezone.
    • The countries you wish to allow callbacks from.

    When done with setup, click on Save changes button.

    You will see your personal JavaScript code snippet.

    Click on copy button at the bottom right on the snippet and paste this code before the final </body> tag. Once done, you will see Brring Live Dialer on your website

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