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    You can invite everyone to join your call. To do it you have to send invitation by e-mail to your guest users or simply add them to your call. If you want to add someone to the live call you have to click on Invite others button.

    In the opened modal you can select whether you want to send them link to your call or email invitation.

    To send the link to your guest you have to click on Copy link button  and send this copied link. If you wish to send email invitation then you need to click on Email invitation button, type email address and then send. In this case your guest will receive email invitation with a link to your call:When the guest joins live call by clicking on the link in the email the guest will be taken to Join page where will be asked to enter name and confirm:

    Once confirmed, the guest will be taken to the modal where needs to choose how to join the call by phone or by internet:Joining by phone: the user needs to enter phone number and click on Call me button. Once done, the user will join the call by phone

    Joining by internet: the user needs to click on Use my computer button. Once done, the user will join the call from the computer:

    Once the guest user connected to the live call the user can manipulate with this call: Leave call, Rejoin call, Mute/Unmute and Remove yourself by clicking on the appropriate buttons:

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