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    To pre-qualify leads you can setup Live Dialer to ask them some questions before hand like their name, email or custom questions.

    To do so from the Brring Dashboard navigate to your Account:

    2. Under the Live Dialer section click on Pre-Qualification:

    Here you can prompt leads to pre-validate by asking them questions:

    You can select Name, Email or a descriptive message. To do simply select the field you wish to add. You can customize the label your site visitor sees and also specify whether you want the field to be Required or optional.

    Once you’ve configured your new field just click on Add field:

    You can remove fields any time by clicking on the  Remove button. To update the field Label or whether it is Required make your change and then click on Save.

    The fields which you have added will be displayed in Brring Live Dialer:

    in Live Dialer