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    When your Calendly appointment adds a phone number our integration can automatically create a scheduled Brring call for you and your appointment and dial you both into a call. We keep in sync with any appointment changes so if your appointment’s cancelled or rescheduled your Brring call is updated too.

    To setup your Brring Calendly Integration you need to have an account with Calendly. You can do this at

    Configure Calendly

    First we’ll setup your Calendly Events so anyone scheduling an event with you can add their phone number.

    • From your Calendly Dashboard, click on the dropdown next to your event type and select Edit.
    • Under Additional Options go to Invitee Questions and then select Add New Question.
    • Enter a field for the Invitee’s phone number. We use Contact Number in our example but it can be whatever you prefer – by default Brring will grab the first phone number found.
    • In the Question field and under Answer Type select Phone Number. If you want to make this a required field check Required.
    • Finally click Apply and then Save & Close.

    Your event will now handle your invitees adding their phone number.

    Calendly API Key

    Once done you need to grab your Calendly API key and paste it into the Brring app.

    • First go to your Calendly account.
    • Click on your Calendly Account icon.
    • Then click on Integrations.
    • On the Integrations page you will see Your API Key, copy this key by clicking on Copy Key.

    Configure Brring

    Once you have your Calendly API Key:

    • Go to your Brring account and login.
    • Click on the Account tab at the top of the page
    • Click on Integrations.
    • On the Integrations page click on Calendly and paste your key in the API Key field.
    • Select the phone number you’d like to be dialled in on when a new Calendly appointment is made, or add a new phone number by clicking on the Add number button.
    • You can switch on Text Reminders so your participants (invitees) receive SMS notifications just before the call*.
    • Once done click on the Save button.

    Your Brring Calendly Integration is now ready.

    The next step to receiving a meeting is to share your link with invitees. To do this go to your Calendly Dashboard, click on your Profile icon and then Share Your Link. In the new modal you can copy your link and email it to your invitees or you can email your link from this modal directly.

    Once your invitees receive your link they can schedule a meeting with you. If they enter their phone number in the Contact Number field a new Brring call will automatically be scheduled and appear in your list of upcoming Brring calls. You will get confirmation emails from Calendly and Brring with details about your scheduled call as well as a text reminder if the option was selected.

    At any time you or your invitee can reschedule or cancel this meeting by going to the confirmation email from Calendly and clicking on the appropriate links or by deleting it directly from your calendar.

    Disabling Calendly integration

    You can disable your Calendly Integration in Brring. To do this go to your Brring Account page, click on Integrations and then click on Calendly. On the Calendly page toggle the Enable Integration button and click on Save button. Once the integration is disabled Brring calls will no longer be scheduled.

    You can also delete your Calendly Integration, simply go to your Brring Account page, click on Integrations, click on Calendly and then click on the Delete Integration button.

    *  (SMS charges apply, see our pricing page for more info)

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