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    With Brring you can schedule upcoming calls to occur at a future date. To do so click on Schedule Call button or Dashboard > Create Call button > Scheduled tab

    From the Create Call page (Scheduled tab) you can schedule the call to start at a future date and time. You can then add participants to your call and select option SMS if you want to receive a text reminder.

    Once done adding participants you are ready to schedule your call, just click on the Schedule Call button at the top right or at the bottom. All scheduled calls will display in the Dashboard under Upcoming Call and the Upcoming Calls pages.

    Participants of these calls will receive a notification via email if one is associated with their contact or a text reminder if the option was selected. You can at any time click on an Upcoming Call, which has not started, and edit it (change label, add/remove participants and change callback number).

    Editing an upcoming call

    At any time you can click on  Upcoming Call, which has not started yet, and edit it. You can change label, time/date/duration, add/remove participants, change callback number and even delete scheduled call. To do this you have to click on Upcoming Calls page, select a call you want to edit and click on it.

    Once, you are on the scheduled call page you can edit details by clicking on appropriate tabs:

    in Product Overview